1. Consultancy  study on ‘Opportunities for Downstream applications of Deep Ocean Water Application’

The project of exploiting Deep Ocean Water (DOW) - an untapped precious resource – by Mauritian Company, Sotravic Ltée, is a lofty project for Mauritius and a big challenge in terms of engineering and industrial development. This project has been identified by the Government of Mauritius as one of the priority areas for economic activities to flourish in addition to reducing Mauritius dependency on fossil fuels for energy production. The first phase of the project concerns the pumping of cold DOW (5°C) for air-conditioning purposes (Sea-water Air-Conditioning - SWAC) in Port-Louis region. The feasibility study for this first phase has been completed by Sotravic Ltée.

D. Jhurry, A. Bhaw-Luximon, T. Ramjeawon and R. Bhagooli worked on this Consultancy for Sotravic Ltée from 11 March to 7 April 2014. (Confidential Report)


2. Consultancy study on 'Efficacy of ozonated water in the removal of residual pesticides on vegetables'

The apparatus used for the treatment was provided by Tectonic Ltd and it proved to be quite efficient for the elimination of pesticides on the surface of tomatoes and vegetables like cauliflower, lettuce, watercress.

D. Jhurry and A. Bhaw-Luximon worked on this Consultancy for Tectonic Ltd,  August 2013. (Confidential Report)