Launching of CBBR (Prof K Morgan, VC) - December 2011



CBBR Group photo - 2015

               Visitors at CBBR           


                Prof A Ahmed (left, Univ Birmingham), Dec 2014           Chairman and Director, CNST (India), May 2014


                       Prof J Zink (UCLA), Prof C Sanchez (UPMC)                  Delegation from DST, South Africa, Aug 2014        

                       & Prof D Avnir (Univ Jesuralem), Sept 2014


                       Prof D Mukhopadhyay (Mayo Clinic), 2014

                Conferences and Workshops Organized                         


                       Dr G Meier zu Köcker, ANIS, Sept 2014                             ICNM 2014, Mauritius on 31 Aug - 5 Sept 2014                   


                                                   Bio-based Industry in Mauritius Workshop, May 2013

                Collaborations and Network      


                                                     WIPO Re: Search Workshop, New York, August 2014


                     Second High-Level Meeting on Country-led Knowledge Hubs Seoul, South Korea 23-26 June 2014


                          STS Forum, Japan, Oct 2014                   



                 Equipment donation for Bio Lab by MCB Ltd,                                    MoU Signature CBBR (Prof K Morgan, VC)

                   Mr P Forget, Deputy Chief Executive Banking                                   and CYROI (Mr C Meriau, Director), Dec 2011