These labs are equipped for testing biological properties of materials for tissue engineering, for drug delivery applications and for evaluation of plant based foods/beverages and medicinal/endemic plants. In addition, we have a USP dissolution tester and a hydraulic press for pharmaceutical-related projects. Our researchers have access to fluorescence microscopy and HPLC techniques at the University of Mauritius. 

Bio & Pharma Testing

Inverted Microscope (Motic AE31 Trinocular) for observation of cell culture e.g. in cancer studies.

Biological Safety Cabinet Level II (Esco Labculture Class II Type A2) - Combination of safety, performance and ergonomics for cell handling.

Comet Assay System  (Trivegen) used for the analysis of induced mutations and DNA damage in cancer cells.

Autoclave (PB International) allows sterilization of equipment and other samples.

Automated Analyzer (Humastar 80) used for the analysis of clinical markers.

Vertical Electrophoresis System (Fisherbrand/SDS-page/2D) using potent protein and nucleic acid analytical tools for analysis of complex protein lysates such as purity determination.

Ultra-Low Freezer (Operon, temp range -20 to -86°C) equipped with a CO2 back-up and monitoring system protecting samples in case of power failure.

Micro-plate Reader (Biotek Synergy HT Elisa Multi Detection) designed to detect biological, chemical or physical events of samples in microtiter plates and widely used in bioassay validation, quality control and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

Refrigerated centrifuge (ThermoScientific SL 16 R) suited for handling temperature-sensitive sample processing between -10 and +40°C.

Orbital Shaker Incubator (Rexmed RSK-400) [CO2 atmosphere] for controlled incubation/storage-temperatures with orbital shaking.

Manual Two-column Hydraulic Press (Carver) designed for a variety of different applications and processes such as capsule fabrication of drugs and pharmaceuticals, pelletizing, destructive testing, etc.

Dissolution Tester (ERWEKA® type DT 72x) allows for in vitro drug release studies of coated tablets, and nano-drug delivery systems.