♦  Sotravic Ltée

The project of exploiting Deep Ocean Water (DOW) - an untapped precious resource - by Sotravic Ltée is a lofty project for Mauritius and a big challenge in terms of engineering and industrial development. This project has been identified by the Government of Mauritius as one of the priority areas for economic activities to flourish in addition to reducing Mauritius dependency on fossil fuels for energy production.

The first phase of the project concerns the pumping of cold DOW (5°C) for air-conditioning purposes (Sea-water Air-Conditioning - SWAC) in Port-Louis region. The pumping station will be set up at Bain des Dames located between Fort Victoria and Fort William, at a distance of approximately 2 km from Port-Louis City Centre. The outlet DOW temperature resulting from the SWAC process is estimated in the range 11-15°C. SWAC will bring along a reduction of energy requirements of up to 80% and estimated savings of MUR 175 M per year. The feasibility study for this first phase has been completed by Sotravic Ltée.

The second phase of the project concerns the mapping of potential applications of DOW economically and environmentally sound for Mauritius. In that respect, a consultancy report on 'Deep Ocean Water Applications' was submitted to Sotravic Ltée on April 7, 2014.

♦  TERRAGRI Ltd - http://www.terra.co.mu/

TERRAGRI is a Mauritian based company with its main operation in the sugar-cane industry. A joint project on the preparation on nanosilica particles under the Collaborative Research and Innovation Grant(CRIG) starting Jan 2017.

♦  Bionexx - http://www.bionexx.com/  

Bionexx is a Malagasy based company operating under the free trade zone status. Its core competence is the extraction and purification of medicinal and aromatic plants. A joint project on Artemisinin (anti-malarial compound) is underway with the Centre.