• At CILL, our students learn under the concept ''Learn anytime, anywhere and just-in-time".
  • CILL Academics have been internationally recognised for their contribution and pioneering role in e-education.

CILL secures AAUN (Australia-Africa Universities Network) funding through competitive process, for the project titled "21st Century Skills for Education Practitioners : Rapid e-Learning Tools to develop Interactive Learning Materials". The project is about the development of an online Postgraduate Certificate in Rapid e-Learning Methodology aimed at the professional development of educators. The aim is to equip educators with the relevant 21st Century Skills where ICT integration in Education practices is a main driver of change, innovation and reforms in educational practices. 

Our living lab is based on a multiple-impact social partnership (MISP) model and is essentially an integration of the Research and Development model described below that has governed our applied research activities in education technology, and a community engagement model when members involved in the Living Lab established a non-governmental organisation through an entity called Helping Our People. It is based on Whitehead’s (2012) education research philosophy for social change through action research and the Living lab paradigm for Teaching and Learning (Conruyt 2013).

An Award Ceremony was organised on 27 February 2016 for 305 police officers who have successfully completed the Certificate in Leadership and Management. The Certificate in Leadership and Management programmes are offered at three levels: Operational, Tactical and Strategic, with each level targeting different cadres, ranging from Sergeant to Deputy Commissioner of Police. The training programmes are delivered through distance educationmode to ensure maximum flexibility for the trainees and it aims at building capacity in terms of management and leadership skills, legal knowledge and communication. It has to be noted that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the University of Mauritius and the Mauritius Police Force in 2011. Several training programmes were delivered, with more than 5,500 officers trained.

More than 350 educators enroll on an online course of 15 hr duration on the Microsoft Partners-in-Learning programme. The programme has been launched mid-June 2014 by the CILL in collaboration with Microsoft Indian Ocean and French Pacific. In this course, educators are expected to get familiar to the basics of teaching and learning with technology.

Training of Agricultural Extension Officers on Development of Multimedia-based Distance Education Materials - The training was conducted by the Dr Santally acting as consultant to the Commonwealth of Learning to train 15 extension officers of the Food and Agricultural Research Extension Institute. It was a 10-day training spanned over a period of 1 month in May-June 2014. All participants successfully achieved the learning outcomes as can be demonstrated by the submitted works.

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