• At CILL, our students learn under the concept ''Learn anytime, anywhere and just-in-time".
  • CILL Academics have been internationally recognised for their contribution and pioneering role in e-education.

The Centre for Innovative Lifelong Learning is a specialised centre in the promotion of Lifelong Learning through eLearning and Education Technology. The Centre was established in 2014 after the merging of the VCILT (Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies) and the CPDL (Centre for Profesional Development and Lifelong Learning). 

CPDL was set up in January 1993 under the name of JBCDL (Jai Baguant Centre for Distance Learning) to facilitate the implementation of Distance Education (DE) at the University of Mauritius (UoM), with the objective of maintaining quality and increasing enrolment at UoM. It started with a set of on-campus DE modules to launch in 2004 the Diploma in Management on DE mode in collaboration with the Faculty of Law and Management. Since 2004, the CPDL has also engaged into the running and coordination of commissioned programmes, and the work-based learning project of the University of Mauritius.

Since 2001, the VCILT has come a long way in terms of its evolution and has gradually moved from being only a service unit to a full fledged academic research and development unit for the University of Mauritius. The VCILT is a pioneer in e-education in Mauritius with respect to public sector higher education institutions. In 2004, the VCILT acted as the catalyst for the setting up of a Lifelong Learning Cluster (LLC) at the University of Mauritius. The LLC acted as a virtual faculty regrouping the VCILT, the CPDL and the CITS (Centre for Information Technology and Systems).

The VCILT launched its first online Masters programme in 2004 in the field of Education Technologies. In 2009, other courses were launched in the field of Web and Multimedia Development. The active research and development activities of the VCILT and the expertise developed has led the VCILT to secure international consultancies in the field and to establish close ties with international institutions. In 2010 it received the prestigious Commonwealth of Learning awards in Distance Education. 

CILL is committed to transform the educational practices at the University and to establish the University as a full dual-mode institution. Staff at the CILL adhere to the concept of openness and flexibility in educational delivery so as to provide a quality learning experience for our students.