• At CILL, our students learn under the concept ''Learn anytime, anywhere and just-in-time".
  • CILL Academics have been internationally recognised for their contribution and pioneering role in e-education.

The difference in quality of the two versions of materials that were developed during the 3 day training in 2012, compared with those produced under this extended and more in-depth training is obvious.

Participants had more hands-on training and used real equipment such as cameras, and tablet devices to get the feel of how their content will look on the destined devices. The objectives were such that it was expected, that at the end, participants would be able to (i) design a storyboard for an interactive multimedia course; (ii) Use an e-learning authoring tool to design good-quality interactive learning resources; (iii) Convert and burn interactive materials into DVD format; (iii) Design and implement self-assessment instruments in an elearning environment; (iv) Manipulate images and videos to create simple animations in a pedagogical context and (v) Mount a full-fledge e-learning short course to be deployed on PC and/or mobile devices