• At CILL, our students learn under the concept ''Learn anytime, anywhere and just-in-time".
  • CILL Academics have been internationally recognised for their contribution and pioneering role in e-education.

The rapid e-learning methodology has been used at the University of Mauritius to develop its online courses, and has been used in capacity building initiatives for educators with the support of Microsoft. In Uganda with the Makerere University, and in India under the COL Lifelong Learning Programme for Farmers in Agriculture.  It is now proposed to scale up from short duration capacity-building initiatives to an online professional postgraduate programme. The idea is to decentralise, and empower education practitioners to develop their own interactive materials for dissemination and sharing.  It further aims to build local and regional capacity in the field of multimedia-based open (and distance) learning. The educational philosophy behind this project is inspired from Moon’s position in the 2010 issue of the COL Connections magazine. Moon argues that it is time to implement new technologies in teacher training courses so as to focus on the continuous professional development of educators. Adopting a very critical view of the so-called brick-and-mortar institutions for teacher training, Moon highlights “there is absolutely no way the bricks-and-mortar institutions of teacher training created in the last century will be adequate for the 21st century needs”.