Research Areas

Academics mainly investigate the effects of ICT integration on the teaching and learning process. At the CILL, research is mainly conducted (but not limited to) in the following areas-

1.    Interactive Materials Development and Rapid e-Learning

2.    Activity-based Learning Designs for Online Learning

3.    Open Educational Resources

4.    Fun Learning Environments and Gamification

5.    Personalization of Learning Environments and Learning Analytics

6.    Multimedia Learning Environments

7.    Living Labs for Teaching and Learning

8.    Interaction Design/User Interface Design/Usability Engineering and Evaluations

9.    Living Educational Theories

Potential students interested to pursue MPhil/PhD and/or MSc (by Research) in the above-mentioned areas or in related fields are encouraged to get in touch with academic staff. 

Contact - Dr Santally Mohammad Issack (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )