Institutional Framework and Resources
Advise on the means required for providing an environment in which educational technologies are more accessible to academics .
Develop new technologies that can sustain and direct networked learning.

Training and Knowledge Building
Train staff to implement learning methods and technologies. 
Support a shift to new methods in the educational practices of the university for the academics' knowledge building.

Pedagogy and Student Support
Develop new models of learning and pedagogies to better meet the needs of the workplace. Collaborate with the JB Centre for Distance Learning to implement the University's Learning and Teaching Strategy.

Content Development
Coordinate the development of on-line learning resources with Faculties and the JB Centre for Distance Learning.

Research & Evaluation Mechanisms
Establish the research and evaluation mechanisms supportive of innovation in learning technology in higher education within the scope of a nation-wide module portal.

Network Infrastructure and Delivery Systems
Liaise with the Centre for Information Technology and Systems to develop further specific networks and services to support e-learning.