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Online help desk
by Platform Administrator - Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 10:17 AM

Dear valued users,

We are pleased to announce the launching of our Online Helpdesk System. For any queries that you might have or issues you are facing, please use our system and send us a message. We will take up the matter and solve the problem on our side. Please find attached the link consisting of a brief manual on how the system works.

Thank you

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Available courses

Overview of rapid authoring tools. Open-Source v/s Proprietary authoring tools. Features of Rapid eLearning Tools. Slide design, sequencing and branching. Template Customization. Content Publishing process.

Analysis of text-based manuals. Repurposing of content to interactive slides. Utilising the slide space. Storyboarding using Presentation Software. Slide transition planning. Synchronising sound and slide transitions. Image editing and manipulation techniques using Open Source Software. Optimising images for web delivery. Audio recording, editing and processing. Video Editing, Cropping and Conversion.

Packaging of e-content. The SCORM eLearning standard. Working with SCORM. Conversion of Interactive Content to Video Format. Deployment on DVD. eLearning platforms and mobile devices.

In the mini project, participants are expected to use the skills acquired in the modules to design a high quality learning environment using a specific eLearning authoring tool.